How to Win in Townsville

‘Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville’ is the latest mobile action-adventure game by Cartoon Network. In this side-scrolling action, players will explore and discover new levels in a massive map while collecting power-ups to regain their natural powers. It won’t be easy as you have to clear levels of enemy robots and uncover new areas in a maze-like map.

Here is a walkthrough along with tips and tricks to successfully complete this game without getting lost and frustrated. These tips and walkthrough will save you the energy and add efficiency as you fight to save the Powerpuff girls.

Clear the enemies once, and that’s all

The goal of each level is to collect power-ups by clearing out the enemies on each level. This is only required once. As you leave that level and decide to come back, the enemies will respawn, but it’s important to know that defeating them a second time has no added benefit. 

Keep exploring new levels, come back to incomplete ones.

There will be some levels where you may feel trapped and cannot get to every enemy to successfully clear it. That is because, the game is meant for you to explore new levels to gain power-ups and find the rest of the Powerpuff girls.

Don’t worry, you can leave the level and revisit it later on once you’ve gained new skills and power-ups.

How to use the map

Without the map, you will be flying around in circles. Thus use the map frequently to establish where you are.

Also, to determine where to go next, look for areas with multiple blue pipe indicators. If there is a blue pipe not connected to another level, that means that a new area is available there.

Expand the map by targeting these locations.

Save often to replenish health and energy 

Every time you find a ‘save’ zone, your energy and health will completely replenish. This is also a good tip to keep in mind for when you fight the robots, you do not necessarily have to salvage all your energy. Just continue to attack as much as possible.

Utilize weapons to their advantage

As you gain new skills, certain weapons are required in certain situations. For example, the shockwave gun can attack walls which can take out trapped levers to unarm the laser walls. The fire attack is extremely strong and useful for taking out large groups of robots.

Revisit levels once you’ve established more upgrades

As you roam around, you’ll notice that it’s all connected. So don’t worry if you feel that you are venturing off away from the incomplete levels. Eventually you’ll end up back to the middle where you can complete the rest of the levels.

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