‘Blown Away: Secret of the Wind’ Review [iOS & Android]

Teleport Into "Blown Away: Secret of the Wind"

The pieces of Hendrik’s house have been blown away by the wind, and the only chance he has at reclaiming the bricks of his home are his teleporting shoes. This puzzle platformer is perfect for on-the-go fun with 120 levels currently valued at $2.99. There are no in-app advertisements and it is a one-time purchase.

You play as small, one-haired Henrik, tapping the screen to teleport through obstacles. As Hendrik walks, his shoe batteries charge, allowing him to teleport. Because all of the levels are side-scrolling, you must be vigilant and quick to succeed in both grabbing the house bricks and placing yourself on a promising platform. Hendrik’s shoes only recharge as he walks, so placing him on a platform with too few steps will lead to either respawning at a save bot or restarting the level. Yikes!

The gameplay is pretty unique; it combines elements of both the platformer and puzzle genres because there are many cases in which you will not be able to grab the house bricks and proceed through the level if you are not capable of manuevering in the right order. Some platforms, for example, might be a little further away from you, but require a quick teleport forward and then backward so as to both grab the bricks and still have some ground to continue walking forward on.


Hendrik walks forward on his own, so your job is to decide where he is teleporting. You must avoid monsters, windmills, and pits. This is a fun title that gets better as you go: the first 10 levels serve as a slow but excellent tutorial, and after that, things get harder. The game switches up the experience every so often, adding in more batteries, instant power-fills, and faster teleportation, among other elements.


Additionally, this game also features catchy level music and fun visuals. If you’re looking for something to enjoy on a 15-minute break or while you’re waiting in line, this title is for you. It may become stale if played for more than a few levels at a time, but for a casual platformer, this title is a great deal.

Wrap Up
Fun, original puzzle platformer to play on the go.
For $2.99, with no in-app purchases, this game is a fair and unique purchase.
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