Scribblenauts Unlimited [iOS & Android]

Unique word puzzler with zombies, robots, and other important things

Imagine that you have a magical notebook that could make any word written in it a reality. Think of all of the people you could help! Well, this is how Maxwell is forced to view things after his sister Lily is cursed by an old man. Granted, Maxwell had given the old man a rotten apple after his request for food, but petrification is not something to sneeze at.

In this game, you play as Maxwell (though you will discover more avatar characters as you play) and your goal is to collect Starites. Starites are created by doing actions of kindness for others. Maxwell is out to help as many people as he can so that he can reverse the curse on his sister.

This title has a lot going for it in terms of both game play and aesthetics. You travel throughout the world and solve puzzles by creating objects or modifying existing things or situations to address the needs of the characters. This can be challenging at times, especially when obstacles become timed (such as when zombies are trying to take over and you’ve got to combine items to stop them!). There is no limited as to how many times you can attempt a challenge, however, and you don’t have to repeat the challenges that you’ve already successfully completed even if it is apart of the next one. This game is both logically and creatively challenging. It requires a different set of problem-solving tools and a bit of patience.

Some, however, are much easier than others! By tapping “Add Adjective,” and spelling out “Invisible,” I was able to successfully help the penguin rob the museum. I mean help him get his diamond back. Same thing, right?

You tap the screen to move around the world, and in doing so, you will find many different locations with all kinds of people who need your powers. There are no limits to the things you can create! Well, except for Nintendo characters. Fans of the original games on their handheld or home consoles will find that they cannot summon Link to fight the zombie invasion for them. You can, however, combine some awesome items to take out your enemies!

Despite the above screen shot, this is by no means a fighting game. I had to tap every zombie and command my robot to attack rather than just hitting an on-screen button repeatedly. Sequences like that could have been better automated in some way, though I get the effect that the game was  going for. There are many moments where this game tries to borrow elements from other genres, but at the end of the day, everything in it is based around the words you ‘write’ into your notebook and how you choose to solve the problems to get the Starites.

All in all, this title has a lot going for it. In addition to the diverse puzzles, this game has a great sound track. There are multitudes of songs and energizing sound effects that help to bring the experience to a new level of immersion. The graphics are unique and have a fun hand-crafted look to them. The game has a lot to offer in regards to level and level-design diversity. It will certainly have something to offer to players of all ages, and can be an extended adventure for both casual and experienced gamers out there. At five dollars, the price might seem a little steep to some for a game, but it does offer a great deal of content and is sure to offer you an enjoyable challenge.

Wrap Up
$5 for extensive content, variety of puzzle difficulty, and challenging fun.
If you like word puzzles, you'll love the variety and zaniness this title allows your imagination to bring to the table,
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