‘Nomanis Crew’ Review [Android]

A Lightly Packed Adventure

Twitch streamer personality who goes by the name Nomanis, stars in his mobile game inspired by retro platforming classics Super Mario but is really an adaptation of Key and Shield. Whether you heard of Nomanis or not, this mobile game titled Nomanis Crew remains to be a fun game overall as it adds a inimitable twist from what we generally come across with “Mario-inspired” games. A number of them are a complete rip-off and lack creativity, but Nomanis Crew does a surprisingly worthy job to set itself apart by adding a puzzle-like experience.

Nomanis Crew is an adventure game where a lazy guardian angel saves Nomanis and expects you to go on a quest to free the rest. Your friends are caged and heavily guarded by odd creatures, thus you must platform your way across tricky levels. You have the ability to glide and block incoming attacks, which is enough to navigate these relatively small level layouts. Luckily there are unlimited tries for each level, as it will become a game of trial-and-error.

This lightly packed indie is more than just vaulting through levels, as it plays more like a puzzle adventure game with a series of obstacles to overcome whether it’s to shun enemies, glide and jump onto far reaching platforms, or avoid landing on lethal spikes. Each level has you tasked with completing up to three objectives: collect all coins, free Baba, and unlock the final cage.

The issue I had early on was the lack of clear direction with the control scheme. Although it will walk you through a few examples, it doesn’t quite highlight how the A-B buttons differ. The “ability” button which is used to glide and block acts like a light switch. You can keep this ability on at all times or take it off in order to jump regularly. At first, I was treating it as an action button, which led to early frustration. Once I finally got the hang of it, boy, did it make a difference!

All in all, I was quite happy with the end product of Nomanis Crew. At times there were levels where I had to ask my girlfriend for assistance, as there was a nice addition of puzzle action held within each level.

Download Nomanis Crew for $0.99 on Google Play

Wrap Up
Glide Your Way to Success
A solid premise, challenging levels, and unique mechanics
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