‘Horizon Chase’ Review [iOS]

Worth the Chase

There are plenty of things done correctly with Horizon Chase. Labeled as a retro-influenced racing game, this vibrant and meticulously crafted racer is worth every penny. The gameplay is simplistic and plays similarly to retro classics such as Top Gear, but it has an exceptionally polished look and feel as well as satisfying racing action.

Right from the beginning, you will be taken back by its lively menu design. You can see the creators didn’t take any shortcuts on the user interface. The low poly and colorful environments in the menu is a glimpse of the quality held within each course of the game. Each course is dynamic with stunning backdrop scenery, environmental factors such as fog and daylight glare, as well as notable wonders of the world that can easily distract you from the race itself.

The game pits you in a 20-car contest with the target to overtake cars successfully, manage your fuel supply, and time the nitro boosts. Horizon Chase is constructed comfortably for mobile, with what I would describe as a “supported racing” experience. You will have full control of the speed of the car but will direct the car with side-to-side movement. Although you will not run completely off course, straying too wide or narrow during a turn can prove to be detrimental if you hit a post or drive over a sandy turf. Any slow down will prevent you from winning the race.

In Horizon Chase, coming in second or third is not satisfying. Although you will earn tokens necessary to unlock new cups and bonus stages, coming in first for all races will unlock new cars. Winning the bonus stages will unlock car upgrades but the inner drive to win matches is the unveiling of new shiny cars. It would’ve been nice to see a bit more customization options to the cars itself but as you win more matches, you will find yourself constantly on the look to upgrade.

All in all, Horizon Chase is a racer you do not want to miss out on. There is rarely a dull moment with plenty of racing to be had. The only feature missing is a multiplayer option.

Download Horizon Chase in the App Store ($2.99)

Wrap Up
A polished "retro" racer
Stunning Design, Comfortable Controls, and Plenty of Content
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