‘HEROES REBORN: Enigma’ Review

Can your powers help you?

Whether you are an avid fan of Heroes Reborn or haven’t seen single episode, the intricate puzzles and dialogue behind Heroes Reborn: Enigma is worth a deeper look. Rather than tying in a simple mobile game to promote the series, the creators have put a lot of thought into the game prior to the show’s official release and have deemed Enigma as a prequel, extending the series onto other platforms. As a mobile game, it is an action-adventure puzzle, as you use unique superhuman abilities and your intelligence to solve a series of environmental puzzles with the given resources. It is said to have inspiration from the popular game, Portal and you’ll quickly learn why.

When we think of first-person puzzle games, we typically envision a series of mini-games. Instead, Heroes Reborn: Enigma relies on resourcefulness and evaluating the environment around you. Just because you have superhuman abilities, doesn’t mean these puzzles are easy to solve. Instead, it’s quite the opposite as these levels are designed with your powers in mind, testing and pushing you to the limit.

You play as a young girl named Dahlia, who wakes up in a government ran facility known as “The Quarry”. Your encounter with Trevor Mason begins on the wrong foot, as the director of the facility used you and your sister as test subjects for his new formula called the Gemini Formula. Originally, Dahlia only contained a telekinesis ability but is injected with this formula to evolve new capabilities of slowing down time and time shifting into the past and present. You are pretty much a lab rat, running through a series of tests. Dahlia may only be 14 years old, but she appears fearless in her encounters with her sarcasm and determination.

The new abilities by the Gemini Formula show positive signs as their usefulness becomes evident as you move from chamber to chamber. Each exit door is connected to pressure platforms which opens when pressed down, however it is not as easy as it sounds to achieve this. You’ll need to use your powers in various ways such as your telekinesis to pick up and throw boxes onto the platform to keep doors open, along with slowing down time to move to different areas faster or throw boxes while on the move, and finally shift time to discover new items, enter new locations, and land on new boxes. Levels can include multiple doors, pressure platforms, and new platforms as you shift through time. The year 2014 (future) is a new environment in tself, as the Quarry at this point is abandoned and demolished yet still has key resources and platforms to consider.

It becomes a game of trial-and-error, as you will fail often but not be penalized for doing so. If you have played a real life escape games, think of Heroes Reborn: Enigma as an escape games on steroids. Chambers become increasingly more challenging with new obstacles to overcome and elements to take into account. This keeps you engaged as the level design feels extremely well thought out. It does come with its faults however.

Initially, getting used to the controls can be cumbersome. Luckily, you can switch to a floating joystick which I felt helped a lot with my ability to move as directed. Also, I encountered a number of bugs such as boxes that disappeared while you’re holding it with your telekinesis powers, which is frustrating at times. Lastly, there are levels where you may be stuck on and there is no support or clues to help guide you through it.

Whether or not you like Heroes Reborn, Enigma is a rewarding game overall. It may also turn you into a fan of the series as you get immersed into the world and intrigued by glimpses of the story sorted in this game experience. With 32 well thought out levels, you’ll have access to plenty of content for a reasonable price point.


Wrap Up
An engaging puzzle adventure with the use of superhuman powers
Intriguing story, great use of abilities, and challenging level layouts
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