‘Dashy Crashy’ Review [iOS]

Dash Or Crash? That Is The Question.

Do you enjoy the works of SEGA? Perhaps even the flashing lights of arcade cabinets and eccentric in game commentators are a very fond past time for you.

In a world filled with ever increasing clones and incarnations of Crossy Road, one would struggle to see the games true potential through the noise and popularity of the low poly-genre being sent into orbit however, DASHY CRASHY is an immensely different offering however, with warm fuzzies of nostalgia gameplay that veterans and new players alike can really appreciate.

So, fasten your seatbelt and grab a pair of sunglasses because it’s time to smash and crash your way through the endless, vibrant highway of DASHY CRASHY.

Start Your Engines

I kept in touch with Dumpling Design’s Travis Ryan after EGX REZZED back in March where I discovered DASHY CRASHY and recently took part in the beta testing before launch.

Tons of arcade flavors are present here, with inspiration taken from Travis’ previous experience from having worked on Outrun games in the past at Sumo Digital. This is immediately portrayed through the gorgeous low poly landscapes, eye popping color palate, fast paced arcade gameplay and the welcome return of real time (and often cheesy) commentary.

The rules are simple, swipe left and right to change lanes, swipe down to brake, and a swipe upwards will trigger the boost mechanic. You can continue to swipe upwards which will continually raise them level of boost until you hit “Super Sonic Speed! A conveniently placed retry button is also on hand to deliver my personal favorite “one more go” twitch and believe me, you will be using it, a lot.

Tell them…. I Went Fast

Your main objective is to score as high as possible by either driving carefully or, strategically boosting up the highway dodging cars, pile ups and other competitors speeding past you. Warning signs displayed in the form of flashing lanes will inform you that someone is going to imminently pummel the back end of your car into submission. Quick reflexes and  an eagle eye on the road ahead are key to surviving the busy highway.

The boost mechanic is the star of the show when it comes to risk / reward tactics. Sure you can mash the screen to go as fast as possible but you can expect to end up with a score that is much lower in comparison to taking the less aggressive approach. Just to be sure you secure the bragging rights, social integration makes it easy to snap a screenshot, post and leave it to the competition to try and top your efforts.

Many obstacles will hinder the journey to big score glory, AI reckless drivers, masses of the same type of vehicle and exploding car pile ups will do their best to throw you off into the sides of the highway. This is where timing the boosts and braking add a layer of skill to the main game and at times, I found myself moving both my thumbs left and right across the screen to skip two lanes at a time (that hint is for free!).

Insert Coin

An attractive feature of DASHY CRASHY is the flexible payment model offered on top of the free download. You receive a handful of game tokens to begin with and after depletion, you can watch an advert to receive more.

There are a lot of cars to unlock in the game ranging from ranks E to S. Each vehicle has their own pros and cons, such as the monster trucks ability to take 4 hits instead of one but receives slower boosting and longer turning. Compare this to the formula one car which has superior boosting, turning and speed but will implode after one hit, and you have a secondary layer of tactics Choosing the ride which will help you own the road.

Everything is unlockable through skill, rack up big scores and overtake your foes to win their cars. All of this functionality depends on being singed into Game Centre, which is completely worth it as it is some of the best and streamlined integration I have seen in recent times plus, it’s a great little competitive title for you and your friends.

Opting to purchase one of the cars ranging from 99 cents on the lower end of the car spectrum up to the premium of $2.99 will remove the advertising and game token system entirely offering an accessible way to show your appreciation to the developers.

The Verdict

DASHY CRASHY has been in my top mobile games list for the best part of 2015. The hypnotizing visuals, excellent sound and music design combined with its pick up and play controls have torn me away from my usual Fruit Ninja quick fire mobile gaming companion. The load times are non-existent and the upbeat saxophone in the car select screen has been stuck in my head for a number of weeks now. An enhanced experience also awaits you on iPad with more room for the bright and chirpy world of the game to lose yourself in.

The bottom line is the game has a very unique identity, and as I’ve watched its character develop, it became clear that this is a game designed for everyone, and most importantly for players to have fun. The only instances that I struggled with involve one two many insta-deaths after the lanes display a warning and a few pile-ups being too close together which threw me off into a blazing inferno. Aside from that, there is nothing stopping you and the family from downloading this and having a blast this Holiday and the future.

You can download now for free here.

Wrap Up
Nostagia On Demand, DASHY CRASHY Packs An Unmissable Arcade Cabinet Punch.
Solid controls, gameplay, fair payment model and social make this a must have for casuals, and the seasoned competitive mobile gamer.
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