Bug Heroes 2

A Big Adventure full of Small Heroes

The ladybug roaming your windowsill is on an epic mission to fight off her enemies! In Foursaken Media’s latest title, “Bug Heroes 2,” you can play as a ladybug or a variety of other different insects. You will wage large-scale battles across a kitchen table, a lawn, and a living room. Along the way, you must attempt to gather food and other supplies to help yourself survive another day.


In fact, that’s one of the best aspects about this game: The characters and the widespread tactics you can employ offer a great range of play-style options. There’s a fencing ladybug, a stick-wielding warrior beetle, and even a gun slinging fly, to name a few.  You get two of the characters at random to begin with, and the rest are unlockable by playing missions, though they can be bought through in-app purchases if you just can’t wait to have the enchantress moth.

The gameplay mechanics are easy to grasp after you play through the first several tutorial missions. You move by swiping your left thumb across the left side of the screen while using your right thumb to change the camera angle, tap on the on-screen firing buttons, or, in the case of gun-wielding characters, to aim your firearm. In the regular mission mode of the game, you enter with two characters at a time, whose strengths and weaknesses you can gauge by looking at their various stats. There are also many options for influencing how the characters attack; as you level up, you can buy banners and upgrades for passive abilities and other skills.

In addition to the primary mission mode of the game, you can play solo through a tower-defense campaign, an endless mode, and a skirmish mode. There are several multiplayer modes. The tower-defense mode plays much like the regular missions in that you must defend your food stash against an onslaught of tougher enemies. The endless mode is, as the name suggests, endless, and the skirmish mode challenges you to destroy the enemy’s food stash before they get yours. The multi-player mode features four different options on how many characters you can control and where the battles will take place. The amount of content here is not bad for $1.99, and if you’d like to try the free version first, that’s available as well.

There are a few layout differences between the iPhone version and the iPad version worth mentioning, as they might help or hurt your gameplay experience. On the iPhone version, the on-screen buttons for changing the camera angle are set just beneath the firing options. For some, this may be a hindrance because you might unintentionally switch the camera view or force-call your fellow insect soldier to your side. On the iPad version, these buttons are set further apart from the other options. In both versions, the fact that the on-screen attack buttons are too small results in unintentionally calling the other insect in your party to your aid instead of gathering food or bolts.

If you enjoyed the first “Bug Heroes,” then this is definitely an improvement—there’s more character options, new stages, and new missions. If you’re new to this series, then it’s also a great place to start despite the fact that it is a sequel. This title offers a wide variety of missions with various lengths that make it suitable for long train rides or a fifteen minute coffee break. It is definitely worth a look if you enjoy tower-defense, RPG’s, or, to a lesser extent, shooting games, as this game is a fun mix of all of the best elements from each.


Wrap Up
Great combination of a variety of genres!
This game is full of interesting mechanics and is sure to have something for everyone.
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