‘Party Hard GO’ Completely Reworked for Mobile, Coming Soon

Killing the Party

Party Hard by TinyBuild and Pinokl Games first caught our attention due to its unique concept and design that involves stealthily killing annoying party goers. In Party Hard, you play as the villain who stealthily enters your neighbor’s party and slowly kill off individuals one-by-one while avoiding being seen or caught. See for yourself in the gameplay below.

After a successful launch on PC, the team behind Party Hard has reworked the game to be optimal for mobile devices. The key factor that most PC/console games struggle with are the controls. The upcoming Party Hard GO for iOS and Android will have two options including touch and tap controls along with virtual buttons.

The game itself includes 19 levels with semi-procedural environments. The are also five playable characters including regular joe, a ninja, the cop, a girl with heavy fists, and the butcher with a chainsaw.

Party Hard GO will arrive to iOS and Android later this year.

Source [TinyBuild Blog]

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