Google Daydream Labs Showcase Hand Tracking Experiences, Which Will Be Important for Gaming

Google VR Coming to Life

When we first got wind of the Daydream controller, Google Daydream VR showed a few instances of navigating through the virtual world with a Wii-like controller. Over on the Google VR channel on Youtube, a few demonstrations from Daydream Labs showing the importance of hand-tracking and movement in the virtual world. What’s the point of VR if you can live in it, am I right?

From playing poker, to shopping items, to giving high fives – the videos below demonstrate some of the capabilities. Hand movement will be important with a number of games that could benefit. From first-person shooters, to driving simulations, to basketball shootouts or essentially any game that has done well on Nintendo’s Wii, we’d likely see the same result take place in the Google Daydream device.

See for yourself in some of the simple mechanics and demos below.

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