‘Gongbat’ by Ace Poison is Hitting Mobile Devices Soon

A Gong Show

Gongbat is an upcoming side-scrolling shooter game, initially launched on PC by Ace Poison. The developer has announced a mobile version coming soon, bringing the arcade-style gameplay which includes massive bosses and a rhythmic-blasting adventure based on the nocturnal instincts of a bat. The game includes 13 bosses, story and arcade mode, and a variety of enemies.

The game comes with a stellar music by Pixel Fury, which you can also jam out to here.

See the official trailer below and we’ll keep you posted on iOS and Android release dates.

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  • Bret Hudson

    I took a look at the album, and it’s also by Ace Poison. The name of the album is Pixel Fury. Might want to update that!