Dev Stories: When Baffles Was Born by Adrian Moore

The Entrepreneurial Journey and Creation of Baffles the Fox

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This is a story about Adrian Moore. He has worked on some great games, including SPY mouse and most recently, the award-winning game FRAMED. His upcoming release is titled Baffles Classic Puzzles which he worked on prior to his work at Loveshack. Here’s how the game came about told by Adrian himself. 

Making the Leap

I am a game designer of many years from the UK – I spent many years working with Peter Molyneux. I moved to Australia and worked at Firemint for a few years, including leading the design of a game I’m very proud of – SPY mouse.

One day, though I’d finally had enough of working for others so I suddenly quit my job to go independent. A decision that’s not easy, but when in the moment, it only felt right.

To survive financially, I did a contracting job. But I still felt like I was working for someone and it had turned out to be the same situation at Firemint – not enough freedom. So I quit that too, having arranged to move out of my apartment to stay with my new girlfriend where I would plan my next career move without worry…and so I thought.

But when discovered I couldn’t move in with her, I found myself without work or a home. Literally overnight, I was destitute!

On my last day at my apartment before I had to go couch-hopping as a homeless person, the new tenant came to measure up the place.

We got to talking and she politely asked, “What do you do?” I told her design games and immediately she insisted, “YOU MUST CONTACT MY FRIEND DUGALD!”

I had no idea who Dugald Keith was but I called him up right away. On the phone, he told me he was a successful Australian puzzle and board game inventor. We spoke about some of my video games (such as The Movies and SPY mouse) and I was surprised to learn that he was familiar with my work and called himself a fan.

I thought to myself there and then, wouldn’t it be amazing if this phone call actually became something…

While couch-hopping at friends’ places, I decided to visit Dugald and we seemed to mesh really well. Both sharing an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, we decided we’d start a company and work on some projects together.

Our first game was to be a compendium of the greatest puzzles ever invented. With his knowledge and experience in crafting board games, it seemed like a perfect fit. We wanted to reach a large audience with the very best puzzles ever created, including illustrated histories for them to add a fascinating element.

Baffles Was Born

After a few brainstorming sessions, including a couple of beers, we were looking to develop a character to host a puzzle show for the very best puzzles ever created. The puzzles are best described as “baffling” and so our “a-ha” moment in naming the fox was “Baffles”. It was fitting and that was when “Baffles the Fox” was born.

This was back in 2011 and only now, nearly 4 years later, our huge powerhouse puzzle app ready for launch. The greatest 100 puzzles ever invented in the history of the world hosted by our chicken-obsessed cartoon fox.

Baffles is not above being bribed with delicious chickens, and that is something players can choose to do in the game. We believe it is the best and most varied puzzle app ever put out. It features the 100 greatest puzzles ever invented all playable, every level is different, and fascinating illustrated histories are given for most of them.

Baffles Classic Puzzles will be arriving this month as a free game with in-app purchases and set to first arrive in the App Store on July 23rd followed by a Google Play release in the following week or so.

As for FRAMED, that’s a whole other story which we will hold off for another time.

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  • Sasha Ly

    inspiring story! taking the risk is always scary