‘Dead Effect 2’ First Look Gameplay Shows Promising Zombie-Killing Action

BadFly Interactive Taking Zombie FPS to the Next Level

BadFly Interactive is gearing up to bring their zombie sci-fi shooter onto mobile devices this Fall. The high quality graphics, dynamic environments, and fitting sound appear to pack up a solid first-person shooter as you navigate the ESS Meridian. Dead Effect 2 is not just about killing zombies, as players are tasked in completing several missions and take on the thing that exists deep in the spaceship that is apparently more dangerous than the undead.

In the gameplay provided below, the game shows signs of promise with all sorts of tasks such as hacking doors, assembling devices, and of course, blowing the brains out of the crop of the swarming undead. The game is said to have unique boss fights, upgradable weapons and gear, and even implants used to enhance the body of your character.

Check out the alpha footage below and let us know what you think about this upcoming game.

Video (via TouchGameplay)

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  • Lord Rubix

    What I think so far:

    -AMAZING graphics! possibly the best on mobile yet (only Forgotten Memories would be better, but way better than anything else)

    -Great GUI! I can tell you guys prioritized this one 😀

    -Voice acting a little off but i understand good voice actors aren’t cheap so i wont criticize

    -Maybe a kicking animation while kicking open those locker doors? not a big deal at all but a suggestion

    -Reload animations are just perfect

    -Looks bloody enough, maybe a bit more blood and gore. others might not agree but you cant be too violent in a Zombie game!

    All in all I think this will be mobile game of the year. One of the very few TRUE console quality mobile game out there. Keep up the good work and make this a Franchise! hopefully its not underrated 😛

    • fumblerook

      I have to agree to a certain extent. Not sure if it’s “mobile game of the year” worthy but the graphics are stunning. Hopefully they don’t ruin it with F2P mechanics.

      Love the quality of graphics as mentioned by Lord so nothing negative to say here.

      It’s just hard to make a mobile FPS worthy with so many other great games out there

  • http://www.gamemob.com Luke Sanders

    I watched this and thought, hmmm…portable Quake / Doom.. Very excited to play this one!