A Look at ‘OK Golf’, Taking a Swing at a Minimalistic Golf Game

A Solid Par

There are a number of golf games in the App Store, some of which we have listed here. In this week’s round up of new releases, the minimalistic golf experience titled OK Golf ($2.99was a premium game we’ve decided to dive into. The game has an endless amount of golf courses that you can swing through with just a swipe of the finger

OK Golf is a traditional game with the goal of hitting the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes. You don’t have to worry about the minor details such as club selection, but there are aspects of the games such as hazards, slopes, and stroke power. The mechanics are simplistic so that anyone can dive into the heart of the game right away although I did feel that there were some frustrations with the responsiveness. This title focuses more on perfection, as you’re looking to swing through the course in the least amount of swings, being rewarded stars based on your effort. As you tee off in much more difficult layouts, you’ll really find yourself problem solving and determing different routes to use in order to reach the hole.

The environments are vibrant with lime green fairways and deep blue water. The creators have used the popular polygonal design elements which does the job. The light background sounds of nature add some elements of the outdoors. The ability to rotate and manipulate the environments is a nice touch to the experience, but it does feel like its missing something.

Overall, OK Golf is an “okay” package for it’s price although I feel like it could have passed as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases to unlock new courses or features. If this added a bit more unique and innovative golfing features, it would definitely help the engagement level (at least for me) as the mechanics were a bit too simple for me to fully enjoy. It’s potential is there, so I hope the creators can evolve the game over time.

If you’re not convinced, feel free to check out some gameplay footage via our partner IGV Gameplay

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