You Can Find ‘Hidden Folks’ on the App Store

Where are they?

Download Hidden Folks in the App Store ($3.99)

Growing up, I spent most of my library time with a Where’s Waldo book in hand and finding the dude with the glasses and red and white striped clothing. Sounds easy, except finding him was painfully challenging when hundreds of other people in the landscape is wearing the same outfit.

A new iOS game titled Hidden Folks has popped up in the App Store, developed by the creators of creative and beautifully designed games Bounden and Jelly Reef. Hidden Folks holds a similar concept inspired by Where’s Waldo. In it, you will scan over a noisey landscape filled with objects, nature and people with the goal of finding the targeted objects. Hidden Folks adds interactive elements in your search such as uncover tents, check doors, cut down shrubs, or piss off some crocs.

Hidden Folks has an imaginative hand-drawn design and mouth-originated sounds, giving it a fun and pleasant experience for anyone.

And for some statistics, there are over 15 environments, 120 targets, and 200 interactions. Hidden Folks is available in the App Store for $3.99.

Download Hidden Folks in the App Store ($3.99)

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