‘Windlands’ Creators Join Psytec Games for More VR

Live Out Your Wildest Tarzan Dreams!

Jon Hibbins, co-owner of UK-based development outfit Psytec Games, announced today that they have joined forces with the creators of VR exploration game, Windlands.

What is Windlands?

Should you be a lucky owner of a HMD, you can acquire one of the freely available demos from the Indigogo page by clicking here.

Windlands is huge, exhilarating, colorful VR exploration game. Using the grappling hooks, enhanced super jumps and wall running abilities provided, you must swing, glide and navigate your way through hazardous themed worlds crammed with “War Golems” in an attempt to obliterate the main power that drives them on their path of destruction.

Exploration is rewarded on top of the time trials which can be found in the sprawling vistas either located at your own relaxing pace or with masterful skill and speed.

The game will also feature large scale boss battles which, after defeating them will grant you the necessary items to end the terror for good, much like the encounters you may find in the critically acclaimed PS2 classic, Shadow Of The Colossus.

The UK-based developer which brought us the fantastic upcoming dungeon crawler Crystal Rift, launching in 2016 will combine their skills and expertise of many HMD’s and VR itself with original creator Llija Kivikangas and musician Simo Sainio.

The duo previously launched an Indigogo campaign in October 2014 featuring a $14,000 target for the game. This amount was surpassed by over 630 people, raising $20,071 in just one month. The backers include Jon himself who supported the project originally on Steam with the intent to help the game come alive.

Citing a personal passion for the mechanics and the sheer volume of possible locations that you can find yourself in Windlands, the Psytec Games team first made contact with Llija at a Facebook conference three months ago.

Many Skype calls and emails were exchanged surrounding the skills and assistance that the UK team could bring to the game until a deal was reached for Psytec to acquire the IP and join the universal talent together to work full time on the game.

A full interview with Jon has been released (Courtesy of VRFocus) and makes for a very interesting watch surrounding VR and the project which also includes some gameplay!

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