What We’re Playing: ‘Dungeon Defense: Invasion Heroes’ by GukHwan Kim

Protect the Wall At All Costs!

App Store | Google Play ($1.99)

Dungeon Defense: The Invasion of Heroes is not the typical game that will stand out in the App Store. To be honest, I didn’t even find this game in the App Store to begin with but was curious when it popped up in my Twitter feed. Dungeon Defense is a retro-themed game, which was overwhelming at first with all the menu options and items. But with the more you play, the more I get hooked.

Dungeon Defense is a castle defense game where you must fend off waves of enemies and big battle bosses from reaching your dungeon’s wall. You will control a mercenary and build a team of mercenaries to support you on your battle mission. You’ll start with the most basic hero but eventually build up skills (attacks), research upgrades, and hire more mercenaries in your formation.

During the battles, you’ll require to initiate attacks against the waves with every level adding more difficulty. With your luck, you’ll earn coins along the way which can be used towards your upgrades.

I must admit, the game starts off slow with fairly bland gameplay action. But as you build up your upgrades and learn new skills, battles will become challenging in nature to really have you coming back for more. With the retro pixelated artwork tied in with the many achievements and unlockables, you can tell that the indie developer GukHwan Kim is not only a passionate gamer but has put a lot of work into making this work.

Dungeon Defense is a premium priced game at $1.99 USD in the App Store and Google Play with in-app purchases available to skip corners – but this doesn’t affect the game at all.

Google Play : https://goo.gl/DQlNh1
App Store : https://appsto.re/i67S5vg

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    Thanks for the recommendation! Going to try this out now