Upcoming: This Week’s New and Notable iOS and Android Games

New Games to Look Out For

Although there will likely be more games popping up in the App Store and Google Play, here is a list of games to keep an eye on. This week, Nintendo will launch their latest game Fire Emblem Heroes to iOS and Android gamers. This is following a surprise release of Pokemon Duel last week. Check back tomorrow for a full round up of new games.

Fire Emblem: Heroes and Heroines

Platform: iOS and Android

The long-running hit Fire Emblem series comprises strategy/role-playing games with deep tactical elements and depth that increases with every move you make. As you progress through the story, you will meet and bid farewell to many allies. Which will you choose, and how will you use their skills?

The Frostrune

Platform: iOS and Android

Unravel a mystery inspired by Viking myth and legend in The Frostrune, a point-and-click adventure based on historically accurate Norse culture and environments. Find yourself shipwrecked on an island after a summer storm. Nearby, there’s a recently abandoned settlement and signs that its inhabitants left in a hurry. Surrounding the village is a dark, dense forest with forgotten rune stones and burial mounds. Among them are secrets and hidden objects to solve the mysteries of the island.


Platform: iOS and Android

Glitchskier is the new action game by Shelly Alon, the developer who brought you Partyrs and Sputnik Eyes. Bullet hell at it’s finest: nervewired action, boss fights, rethought game systems and much more… With unique looks, handcrafted effects, and extraordinary music by Tom Schley, Glitc³ki.|r i5 fa ERROR 0xc00000e65 :::


Platform: iOS (Out Now)

 Felis is a Cat-Saving platformer.If you love cats, and enjoy the classic platformer genre, then this is the perfect combination for you.Goal:You are the cats’ only salvation. Free them from their traps and have them follow you, and take them to safety.

Corpse Party BLOOD DRIVE

Platform: iOS (Out Now)

The story follows from the last of “Corpse Party Book of Shadows”.
“Sachiko Ever After”, “Black Book [Book of Shadows]”,
all the mysteries become clear: welcome to the finale of closed school confinement horror adventure.

More Coming Soon…

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