‘The Room: Three’ Android Release Date Revealed

Android Users, The Craftsman Will See You Soon.

Fireproof Games have just announced a January 11th release date for the critically acclaimed third installment in their unmistakably beautiful The Room series.

An official statement from the studio’s Facebook page reads:

We’re happy to announce that we’ll begin the roll out of The Room Three for Android on Monday 11th January. We’re planning to make it available for the more popular phones first before adding more devices over the following days and weeks while we test each device thoroughly.

We’ve been working hard to ensure The Room Three plays well across a wide range of devices with a wide range of technical specs, a rather time consuming yet necessary process.

Finally a HUGE thank you to all our Android fans for your continued support and patience while we work to get this version as good as it can be.

Fireproof Games

The Room: Three scored a glimmering 10/10 in our recent review. If you haven’t read this already then I urge you to do so and check out this incredible game!

You can buy the game on iOS now on the App Store for $6.

If you are buying a tablet or phone for your loved ones this holiday, consider grabbing a small gift card too so that they can enjoy hours of tinkering and fun with this essential mobile game. Android gamers rejoice, and share this with your friends!

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