The Horipad Ultimate is the Latest MFi-Controller, Available for $49.95

Officially Licensed By Apple

The latest wireless gaming controller for you iOS and Apple TV is the Horipad Ultimate. This is the second MFi controller by Hori USA, currently retailing at $49.95 which seems reasonable relative to the earlier price points nearing $100.

The Horipad Ultimate includes dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, four face buttons, and a D-Pad. Although it is compatible for iOS devices, it doesn’t include a clamp to hold your mobile device. Thus, you will require a stand or case in order to game with the Horipad Ultimate.

It is a wireless controller with a rechargeable lightning port. A full battery will last upwards to 80 hours.

There are hundreds of compatible games for MFi-controllers, many listed over at AfterPad. Dig through the catalog and try gaming with a controller.

See it in the Apple Store here. Online orders take 1-2 business days.

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