22 Best Offline-Capable iPad Games for Your Vacation Travels

Traveling by Plane? Train? A car on rough terrain? Here's some games to take with you!

If you’re about to head on vacation and have a long journey ahead of you, you and your trusty iPad will need something to keep you entertained. Sure, you could download some e-books, but an arsenal of games will be sure to have you covered no matter how many hours you’re traveling. You will need offline-capable iPad games as many games, especially free-to-play games require a network connection.

Here’s a list of games for you iPad that you should consider taking with you for your long ride. No internet connection required and all playable offline.

Best iPad Games to Play While Offline

*Updated from 2016 – Although the ones prior were classics, we’ve added new quality iPad games from this year. Please note, many of these games have compatibility requirements, which can be validated in the App Store. 

1) Neon Chrome

An endless twin-stick shooter from the top down, allows you to cause destruction through a barrage of enemies. You can literally play this games for hours as it’s so satisfying gunning down these procedurally generated environments as you’ll earn upgrades and beat down bosses.

Download Here.

2) SteamWorld Heist

If you’re into strategic gameplay, SteamWorld Heist is a perfect turn-based RPG across a fight against enemy spaceships. You play as the captain, commanding a pirate crew and squaring off in tactical shootouts. There’s at least 15 to 20 hours of gameplay packed in this game.

Download Here.

3) Super Stickman Golf 3

The third installment of the infamous Super Stickman Golf series is back with another round of creative courses and new power-ups as you look to reach the hole in the least amount of strokes. I love the different elements and evolving gameplay, that will keep you entertained for hours. There are new modes added, but the only thing you’ll miss out on without an internet connection is the multiplayer feature.

Download Here.

4) Really Bad Chess

Traditional chess is always a good pass time, but Really Bad Chess is a lot more fun and less predictable. This gem of a game has adding a unique twist to chess, by generating complete random pieces on the board. You don’t have to be an expect to win games, you’ll just need to use what the board has given to you at the best of your abilities. The creator Zach Gage has also released highly entertaining games SpellTower and Sage Solitaire, both worth checking out as well.

Download Here.

5) Human Resource Machine

Now, if you’re looking to stimulate your mind during your trip, you may want to check out Human Resource Machine – a puzzler where your programming job is on the line and you must work to solve puzzles logically and effectively. Using basic programming concepts, you’ll need ot manage the lines while navigating little office workers.

Download Here.

6) Batman – The Telltale Series

Perfect for road trips are the cinematic experiences by Telltale Games. Batman – The Telltale Series is their most recent release in partnership with DC Entertainment. The grit, dark environment, and violence sets the tone for a great evening soiree as you play in the role of Bruce Wayne. It’s an episodic adventure with many episodes on their way.

Download Here.

7) Machines at War 3

For the RTS-lovers, Machines at War 3 is the closest game you’ll find on the App Store to games such as Command and Conquer. The game has massive maps with various units to unlock and build. Your base will continue to grow as you control your fleets and manage attacks. Unlike the other free-to-play games, Machines at War 3 is a premium and complete game worth taking on the road.

Download Here.

8) The Walking Dead: Michonne

If you’ve enjoyed The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games, you will want to check out the spin-off that tells a completely new story of Michonne who has ventured on her own.

Download Here.

9) NBA 2K17

NBA fans can quickly pass the time with the new polished version of NBA 2K for mobile. 2K17 includes several game modes including Career Mode where you’ll create your own player and journey through a life in the NBA. The gameplay itself has much improved and is updated with the new rosters of 2017.

Download Here.

Now from the previous year…

1) FTL: Faster Than Light 

FTL is a top-down strategy game where players will run their own spaceship in order to save the galaxy and complete a number of missions. Each mission will have a unique challenge, as problems arise while you’re in space. You can never expect a smooth ride as problems with your engines, enemy, and intruders will provide you will challenging objectives.

Download Here.

2) Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

When it comes to tower defense games, Kingdom Rush is one of the top experiences. With a variety of towers, upgrades, and heroes along with various difficulty levels to earn each star, Kingdom Rush has a strong replay value and lots of entertainment for those that are looking for.

Download Here.

4) Spelltower

Sure, you can just download a crossword puzzle, but Spelltower is way more entertaining. Players are tasked with connecting and removing words from a grid of letters. There long the word, the more points you connect but the great aspect is that there are various gameplay modes to keep you entertained for hours.

Download Here.

5) The Wolf Among Us (Complete Season)

The episodic decision-based adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, is an experience you do not want to miss out. As a matter of fact, this will fit perfectly on your ride as it tells a story that you do not want to put down. In a cinematic experience, The Wolf Among Us, is a dark story based on fables in fabletown, a small area in New York. Play as detective Bigby Wolf, as you look to uncover a mysterious murder that has taken place.

Download Here.

6) The Room Two

Fireproof Games’ sequel of their already hit mobile title The Room, is a gorgeous 3D puzzle game with an atmosphere that is set by dim lighting and haunting music. If you’re looking for a puzzle with a solid depth of challenge, pick up The Room Two.

Download Here.

7) The Walking Dead

Does Telltale Games deserve to be on this list twice? Of course! The Walking Dead series is a phenomenal decision-based game that pioneered the rest of Telltale’s catalogue of games. The Walking Dead game is based on the original comics, bringing to life the authentic story of the undead.

Download Here.

8) Broken Age

Some of us may remember playing this on our PC’s, but now that it’s come to the iPad, the touch controls allow you to get a little closer as you interact with Vella Tartine and Shay Volta in this charming graphic adventure. As of right now, only act one is available; at $9.99 this may be a bit steep for some, but others of us might be willing to pay for a good story.

Download Here.

9) Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

This game is, as the description says, “crammed full of monsters, cake, amazing powers, puzzly bits, epic adventures, witty repartee, secret paths, unlockable characters, silly hats, and a wiener dog.” It’s perfect for the plane because you can play through the puzzles and side quests until you’ve landed, and pick it up again later if you don’t get through it all in one go.

Download Here.

10)  Allghoi Vs. Hunter

Help these mythical worms get back to their home in the Gobi Desert after Butukhtu the Hunter took them away to his laboratory. There are hundreds of levels to puzzle your way through in this game; avoid traps, collect objects, and meet lots of characters in this fun flow-style puzzle game. It’s free, so that’s another one to snag up before you head out on your trip.

Download Here.

11) Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein

This is the third in the “Crisis in Command” series; you take a position at a critical moment in a battle for North Africa in this WWII strategy game. Your decisions will determine the outcome in this wargame; you decide when to attack, defend, what tanks ot place, where to place the flak guns, and more. This is a larger game, available at the App Store for $9.99, and it’s sure to be an enjoyable challenge for you while you’re soaring through the clouds or enjoying the dining car on the train.

Download Here.


Some of us may have encountered this game on other platforms, and have experience with its death-lined walls and charming (though evermore frustrating) gravity defying fun. It released in the app store last month, and might be the perfect game to relieve the frustration that sitting on a confined train eventually causes.

Download Here.

13) Ephemerid 

Take on the journey of a mayfly– work your way through puzzles, and enjoy a captivating soundtrack as you travel in a paper-esque world to seize your destiny. The challenges of the game move in time with the rock-n-roll music, encouraging players to really get engrossed in the experience that is this visually stunning title. The description itself says that there are no menus or tutorials, and that you must use intuition and the music to help you get by. Don’t use this logic as you get ready for the big road trip- in addition to your map.

Download Here.

14) Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville

Defeat the evil monkey scientist, Mojo Jojo, with the powerful kindergarteners Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup to save Townsville. Shoot robots and other enemies to unlock new areas of the town and put an end to Mojo Jojo’s monkey business to save the day. Fly on by through your traveling time with this adventure-shooter.

Download Here.

15) 9Elefants

If you’ve got a younger traveler with you who enjoyed any games from Nintendo’s”Professor Layton” series, then you may be interested in this fun tale full of riddles and puzzles. Set in the 1920’s, you play as Laura, whose father, Professor Weismann, has gone missing. Using the Time Camera and other objects, you unlock clues and explore parts of Paris for traces of the Professor.

Download Here.


16) Kingdom Rush Origins

Origins is bigger, better, and meaner than before. The dynamic environments as illustrated in our review, makes this game one of the best strategy/tower defense experiences on mobile to date.

Download Here.

17) Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series

Sometimes it’s not fair always recommending Telltale titles, but it simple is a great way of passing time throughout a commute. There are scenes of action but for the most part, it’s an entertaining tale with truly engaging story.

Download Here.

18) Candy Crush Soda Saga

I know, I know. I’m addicted to this game too, so don’t be ashamed. Whether we like it or not, Candy Crush Soda Saga is just one of those games that keep you coming back for more, even when you do not want to.

Download Here.

19) Day of the Viking

Day of the Viking is a surprisingly good tower defense experience with simple controls, lots of activity, and polished designs. The new challenges, enemies, and environments from stage to stage will keep you engaged throughout your long journey.

Download it Here.

20) Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

One of the better ports onto tablet devices from console is Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. With brings a great console game onto mobile with a strong evolution of controls modified for the touch screen. Play as a bounty hunter and sneak around the Wild West before knocking enemies out with your various creatures on your gun.

Download Here.

21) Proun+

Bright colors and plenty of chaos, Proun+ is an intriguing twitch-based experience. With different modes and speeds, you can dodge obstacles at a pace that works best for you. There is plenty of replay value with unique rounds for each turn.

Download Here.

22) Valiant Hearts

For a beautiful story and a balance of action sequences and puzzles, Valiant Hearts touches upon subjects during the crisis before the Great War. Taking on various perspectives matched with a great balance of “cartoony” graphics, this title still manages to tie in the emotions behind the war rather than just the utter chaos.

Download Here


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