In the featured section of the App Store, there is a list of “The Best Games You’ve Never Played”. Although I love the fact they’re promoting games that slip under the radar, the list is questionable with a number of pretty big names from well known developers. I looked at the list, and I played 90% of them and I’m sure most of you have too.

Instead, I decided to flip through my “purchased” section to dig through a bunch I games I’ve played over the year. There were plenty to choose from, but I selected ones that I assume most of you have never played.

Here is “The Best Games You’ve Never Played” by Game Mob. Whether you played these games or not, they’re all worth checking out.



A beautifully designed experience with dynamic levels that require thought in order to solve. With a loveable protagonist, Machinarium is a game you’ll always remember.

Egg Fight


Compete in this online 1v1 fighting match between two eggs. Yes they’re eggs and they’re bad ass. With simple touch gestures, you will jump around the arena and target soft spots on your enemy’s shell, spearing head first. There are several characters with unique special moves, making this truly underrated game.

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague


You’re not there to help, instead you are there to kill. With this Plague-inspired game, your goal is to create the most lethal illness on this patient before he/she gets treatment. Along the way, you will surprisingly learn a lot about various causes of illnesses of the human body.

Callys Caves 2


Cally is back in this indie-developed action platformer with improved visuals from its predecessor. If you are into retro-style games, Callys Caves 2 is worth a look.

Tales of the Adventure Company


Taking the Disco Zoo tile-based experience, Tales of the Adventure Company adds a roguelike element and RPG in this puzzle-based game.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy


Fun, colorful, and plenty of action. Aliens Drive Me Crazy is a two part game where you cause destruction through the neighborhood with your car and then end up in a multistory building where you must take out the aliens.

Sometimes You Die


This intriguing platformer has unique elements where death is imminent and puzzles must be solved. A deeper message is told throughout the game, which makes it unique.



A great strategy rogue-like game that is surprisingly addicting.

Papa Sangre 2


Nothing out there is like it. Papa Sagre is an audio-based horror game that requires headphones. Dialogue is told with the voice of Sean Bean from Lord of the Rings.

Machines at War 3


This real-time strategy has a lot of elements going on, which I consider as the Starcraft for mobile devices.

Level 22


A fun and challenging game where you must head back to your desk without being seen by your co-workers. There are various routes you must take and timing is everything.