‘Super Mario Run’ Release Date & Price Revealed by Nintendo

New Information on Nintendo's Next iOS Title

In case you missed it, Nintendo of America tweeted this morning with news many of us have been anxious to hear. We now have a solid release date of December 15th for Super Mario Run on the iOS platform. No news has been provided for Android fans, other than that it will eventually make its way to Google Play.

The game price is currently slated for $9.99, so nearly ten dollars. This may be a steep price for a game on the App Store, but as more games have gotten bigger and more in-depth, the higher the average price for a great game has become. We will have to see if the running price is going to be worth the run.  Quite a few have already commented on Nintendo’s Tweet with suggestions that the price be lowered or implications that the high price is too much for an endless running game.

No additional information has been released. It has not been revealed if the cost of the app will help to support an online scoreboard or offer some sort of server support, or if it has been priced for its Nintendo label alone. We do know, however, that Mario will be running into the app store (and all of our question blocks likely answered) on December 15th.

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