Star Wars Outpost: The Mobile Game That Never Was

A Walk Down Sim City Memory Lane.

Not a very long time ago, before a Disney acquisition and closure of the beloved LucasArts, a mobile and browser game that was near completion would vanish forever.

Que Orchestra.

Star Wars has shot back into the limelight with the recent release of “The Force Awakens” exciting old and new fans around the world with positive reception from all corners. However, some never before seen screenshots of the cancelled game which bears some resemblance to the juggernaut known as FarmVille surfaced, and oh boy how I wish this got released.

The game had been in development at the LucasArts’ Singapore branch, who at the time were also working on the other cancelled Star Wars 1313 game. Adding salt to the wounds, rumors circulated that an HD remake of the classic Day Of The Tenticle was also on the cards. Although the game was actually never formally announced, it was near completion but shut down in April 2013.

The main mechanics of the game are said to have been “complex” and unlike those found in other games such as the “Ville” series. The player would be able to capture and control outposts, trade resources harvest and build weapons and pretty much functioning as an MMO. To make things even worse, there was no mention of “Pay To Win”.

Outposts would feature as a larger power struggle between the Rebels and the Empire, each side controls a balance of that power which in turn would allow them to begin taking over the galaxy. If your outpost fell to the enemy they would receive bonuses to their own controlled outposts.

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