Spacetime Studios Announce a Next-Generation MOBA Titled ‘Call of Champions’

Is It Your Calling?

The rise of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) for mobile is upon us. The earlier pioneers such as Fates Forever and Vain Glory show big promise in this area of real-time mobile gaming. Even titles such as The Witcher Battle Arena, although it was not my cup of tea, is a display of larger properties making the attempt to mobile. But it also means, creating an engaging MOBA is not easy.


Call of Champions by Spacetime Studios looks to take over reins as the next MOBA for mobile and tablets. It has been designed for five minute short-form matches, which may be more suitable for mobile gamers especially when you’re always on the go. Along with the shorter intervals of game sessions, it will focus on power ups, unique attack capabilities, and a social layer bringing together dedicated gamers together within the game. There will be a diverse set of over 20 champions across five classes and eight realms.

Call of Champions will launch this year as a free-to-play experience for iOS and Android.

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