‘Soul Knight’ is a Dual-Stick Spray N’ Pray Dungeon Crawler, Coming to Mobile This Week

Collect, Dodge, and Shoot 'Em Up!

An indie game to look out for this week in the App Store and Google Play is Soul Knight, best decribed as a “dungeon crawler, dual-stick shoot ’em up with rogue-like elements.” That may be a bunch of jargon for non-gamers, but it will be a combination of popular game mechanics that reside in some of the mobile games to date, all brought into a single adventure game.

In Soul Knight, you’ll navigate through randomly generated dungeons, collecting loot and upgrading your weapons. You’ll find support along the way such as knights to attack while you blast through rooms. There are boss battles and several traps to avoid throughout your exploration.

Check out the gameplay trailer below, you will definitely NOT want to overlook this game.

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