‘Slayaway Camp’ Joins the App Store with a Bloody Puzzling Mayhem


Slayaway Camp ($2.99) has made its way to the App Store on this special holiday, Valentine’s Day. But no, this is not a lovey-dovey, cute hand-holding puzzle game. Slayaway Camp is a gruesome, bloody puzzle game that surprisingly passed the strict approval gate of Apple. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit… It is slightly adorable.

Created by Blue Wizard Digital, this isometric puzzler has you slaying away (as the title implies) the innocent campers that stand in your way. Each level will require you to slide through tiled environments to attack the helpless characters with settings inspired by a Summer 80’s horror film. Oh, I forgot to mention, you play a soulless, skullfaced killer.

The game gained notoriety online with its initial release on Steam as massive YouTubers including Markplier, produced some “let’s play” content.

I have yet to play, but today is the day that I can slay away. Yes, that rhymed.

Check out Slayaway Camp in the App Store here.


From the creators of Bejeweled and Peggle comes a diabolical puzzle game that also happens to be a bloody tribute to the VHS era of videotape horror! No one is safe… no law enforcement enforces the law enough… and no animals or children are harmed… in the summer horror hit of 1984.

Key Features:

• 11 gut-wrenching “videotapes,” plus deleted scenes, for over 140 puzzle levels, + more to come!

• Traps! Cops! SWAT teams! Land mines! Rotary telephones! Cats! Don’t kill the cats!

• Unlock multiple psycho killers, including ones based on cult horror movies such as “American Mary”

• Starring Mark Meer (Cmdr Shepard from Mass Effect) and Derek Mears (Friday the 13th)

• Discover dozens of spectacular “Gorepack” kill scenes featuring wood-chippers, lawn mowers, Sumerian demon incantations, and more!

• Genuine synth-laden hair metal soundtrack by legendary Canadian band GNÜ TRUNTION

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    Nice! The game looks sick