Simogo’s Releases New iOS Game Called ‘SPL-T’

Doesn't Look Great, But Apparently VERY Good

Simogo has a strong track record in the mobile gaming scene including Year Walk, DEVICE 6, and The Sailor’s Dream. All of their previous titles were known for their overall presentation, especially with their stunning artwork but it was also their intricate puzzles that made their games get noticed. Their latest mobile game is a minimalistic puzzle game and it doesn’t quite catch your eye, but according to Simogo, it’s REALLY good. Simogo’s reputation is enough to give this premium puzzle game a look.

SPL-T is a brand new puzzle experience with its own rules as you’re tasked with splitting vertical and horizontal lines. The lines alternate, so you must strategically place these lines across the board. Whenever you split, creating four or more equally sized blocks, the blocks become point blocks that are not possible to be divided further.

SPL-T is available in the App Store for $2.99. Although I have yet to master the game, it’s still quite intriguing and will need a bit more time to get used to.

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