Shadowgun Legends “Hub” Detailed In New Video

Impressive footage shown in Madfinger Games's latest stream.

The impressive development and graphical capability of Madfinger Games’s newest venture “Shadowgun legends” has been revealed during a live stream from the dev’s HQ.

Billed as the “First Online Persistent World For Mobiles”, you will fight a hostile alien race alone, or with others. Taking your “Shadowgun” all the way from Rookie to legend as you gear up, collect and customise hundreds of weapons and seek out unique armour pieces for your character.

From what has been shown and the details listed on the game’s official website, this is definitely something to get excited about.

The gameplay depicts a “Hub” world where you can interact with other players similar to the console hit Destiny. 

Even from the small amount that has been shown, “Shadowgun Legends” seems to be delivering once again on console quality gaming for mobiles.

Another interesting fact is the presence of the platform logos at the beginning of the video. Including Oculus, which hasn’t been seen on the official website or other media until now. Could we possibly be getting a VR iteration for Gear VR and Daydream?

Check out the stream below!

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