Samsung Reveals the ‘Gear VR’ Controller at Mobile World Congress

Take Control

As mobile VR continues to grow, Samsung and Oculus has been at the forefront with newcomers such as Google’s Daydream making waves. Over at the Mobile World Congress as well as the upcoming GDC, Samsung and Oculus will show of their new Gear VR controller which will allow developers to build more immersive experiences while giving the gamers more control of their gameplay.

The controller is a single hand device, with navigational touchpad control and a Wii-like motion control to use the hardware to point, drag and drop, shoot, tilt and others.

It was announced that over 70 new controller titles will be coming soon with the SDK available for request for interested developer partners.

The apps will all be compatible with the new hardware and we hope to see plenty of more titles geared for the new device.

Source [Oculus]

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