‘ReRunners’ Early Access Announced

Mobcrush Becomes a Strong Focus For Community Content

Last year I came across one of the most unique mobile platforming games I have seen on mobile in a long, long time. If you missed it, my “Under The Radar” article on the game can be found here.

To sum up ReRunners in short, you an expect an irresistible art style produced by some very talented artists, great sound and music design and above all some of the most proficient and responsive platforming  mechanics available on mobile today. And not forgetting Klang’s humor embedded pretty much everywhere!

Your main goal is to participate in races to earn XP and coins to upgrade your characters numerous abilities, all of which will enable you to progress through the “Overworld” and take on more challenging races. You can also level your character in the free roaming world if you don’t fancy going head to head with other players.

To add on top of this, everything happening in the game is in an uninterrupted multiplayer universe, the free exploration and racing tie together in an engaging and fluid manner

A lot has changed since I joined the beta last October, and with a hefty amount of playtime, bug finding and submitting ideas, there have been some huge overhauls which have only made the experience better.

Today is a big day for Klang, as their press release confirms their move to early access and a strong focus on community content.

“Klang Games and Tilting Point have announced that they will be opening up an Early Access build of the upcoming multiplayer platform racer, ReRunners, exclusively for the game’s Beta Community, in conjunction with the mobile streaming platform, Mobcrush. This move provides content creators with a release-ready version of ReRunners in advance, giving them first access to stream and create unique video content.

From today, the ReRunners Beta Community will be joining the game’s Soft Launch release server, giving Beta players the opportunity to upgrade and rank up their characters before the game is officially launched globally.

“As our players won’t be able to carry over their hard-earned progress from the Beta to the release version of the game, we want to give them the chance to make their mark before the rest of the mobile gaming community,” explained Jonathan Baker, Klang’s Community Manager.

ReRunners is set in an enormous and colorful open world where players compete in races and upgrade their unique, custom characters. ReRunners will be launched globally on the App Store and Google Play in the upcoming months. Watch Mobcrushers compete in short, intense races on ReRunners’ official Mobcrush hub: https://www.mobcrush.com/game/rerunnersracefortheworld

To sign up to ReRunners Early Access, visit www.rerunners.com/beta-sign-up

A dedicated forum for the game is also available Here for the playerbase to submit ideas and feedback.

If you have not tried the game yet, I absolutely recommend it. At first when you begin the RPG mechanics and size of the world can feel daunting however, handling and speed of the platforming will grow on you as it did me and I haven;t looked back since. A Big Congratulations to @KlangGames on this tremendous next step!

We will continue to follow the development on ReRunners and it’s place in the MobCrush community.

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