‘Red Game Without a Great Name’, Needs a Better Name…But the Game Looks Great

I guess that's all that matters

A new trailer has been released of a new game currently titled Red Game Without a Great Name. The name isn’t great, but at least it’s honest.

The game itself, however, does look enticing as players take on the role of a mechanical messenger bird responsible for delivering secret letters to the bird cage. There are 60 challenging levels with a blend of puzzling environments within the Steampunk world. The journey involves traps and you must pick up gears and power-ups (such as the ability to smash walls for a brief moment) in order to reach the end of each level.

The 2D adventure will arrive to mobile devices later this summer.

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  • Frost

    Definitely looks great, will add it to my to buy list. RGWAGN sounds better xD

    • Game Mob

      Apparently they just want to be know as the #RedGame. A bit too vague for me

      • http://ifun4all.com iFun4all_Neptuned

        Maybe it’s vague, but it’s also very pithy. You know what you will get.

    • http://ifun4all.com iFun4all_Neptuned

      Thanks! RGWAGN is the new RAAAAAWR! :>

      • Frost

        Hope it catches up RGWAGN!!! looks great I will buy it when its out :)