‘Prison Architect: Mobile’ Launched This Week for iOS and Android

Maximum Security

Prison Architect for mobile is finally here! After a successful PC launch, the developers have officially released a tablet version for iOS and Android devices after a soft launch version in the Netherlands. The game is free-t0-play with in-app purchases but for those looking for the entire game, you can make a single $14 USD purchase to unlock all the features and chapters.

In Prison Architect, you will build and manage a prison – including the layout to managing staff and enforcing the rules. It’s a simulation and strategy combination which will keep you busy in this maximum security prison filled with criminals.

Prison Architect: Mobile is available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

Prison Architect: Mobile includes:
– Build and manage a prison to house a variety of different prisoners
– Juggle inmate needs with security concerns, infrastructure, and the ever-looming budget
– Follow the story in Campaign Mode to learn new prison-building techniques and get to know life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and objectives
– Unlock more Campaign chapters with one-time purchases
– Violent Offenders: Manage different types of criminals and keep control through floods, fires, fights, and full-blown riots

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