Preview: Dashy Crashy Turbo

More Of The Fantastic Formula, With A Turbo Twist.


It’s no secret that Dashy Crashy has been my go to, quick-fire mobile game for the past year or so after discovering it and creator Travis Ryan of Dumpling Design at EGX Rezzed 2015.

A lot has changed since it’s original release, and the team have been hard at work reviewing player feedback, tinkering and improving.

I gave a stellar review back in the day for it’s delicious Sega inspired arcade visuals, sound, and gameplay. It felt right at home on mobile and held more than it’s own against my other 60 second+ games.

FYI this outrun themed level looks incredible.

Revving Up

Dashy Crashy Turbo takes everything that was addictive, fast paced and fun from the original, and injects itself with a “New Wave Fruit Ninja” flavor.

Every single car in the game now doesn’t just look awesome, but comes with it’s own perk. Similar to the choice of blades in Fruit Ninja which provide game altering behavior or bonuses. Perks are activated by tapping the car itself while boosting remains as an upward swipe.

This singular decision boosts the competitive and strategic planning for your runs. Want a car that can smash through traffic? No problem go with the Snow Plough. Want a little extra damage resistance? Take the huge Lorry Cab.

On top of all that, you now get to act out something you may have always wanted to do. Driving through hordes of cones. Each cone will award an extra point and adds a nice little extra on top of boosting and dodging speeding cars.

It’s not all aggro however. A selection of cars can award you bonuses for collecting items or give you a head start. Another welcome addition is a clearer progression system for unlocking new cars in the selection screen.

A lick Of Paint

Unlocking cars has also seen some changes. Now, depending on the number of points you rack up, you receive a new tool of destruction or pacifism. There’s also a new license leveling system based on achievements.

If you don’t fancy the grind however, you can opt to pay fo cars via IAP’s or watch advertisements.

Another big change is the new camera angle and landscape support.

The camera in the original game sometimes felt like it was a little too low to be able to predict the hazards which await. Instead of directly behind you, the camera has been remedied with a much more suitable view from the sky, allowing you to see the lanes beside you and the horizon. A very welcome change indeed.

Playing in landscape is a dream. The game looks beautiful on my iPhone 6s and iPad Air making for a super hypnotic colorful experience. I would go as far as to say this is THE way to play competitively.

On top of these extra features, you can now record your runs directly in the game with full voice capture, you can also trim the clip and save to your camera roll to show off your epic Dashing skills

The Road Ahead

From my time with the Beta release of Dashy Crashy Turbo, I can confirm it still remains as my top mobile game. The new mechanics have breathed an even stronger new lease of life into the core experience. It’s fun and lighthearted attitude show’s that we can have competitive and casual rolled into one, without the need for complicated gameplay methods.

A release date for the game has been recently teased as well as photos from events showcasing an Apple TV version of the game.

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