‘Power Rangers: Unite’ Soft Launches in Canada

It's Morphin' Time!...Almost

Power Rangers: UNITE is a brand new collectible card game that brings together ALL of the Power Rangers that span across the 22 seasons, beginning with the earliest ones from 1993. In this card battler, there is a new plot based on the collection of these Power Rangers as you work together to take on the evil villain NeroDark.


There are over 250 unlockable cards that span across the different Rangers, Zords, Weapons, Abilities and several other categories.

I don’t know about you, but the App Store is still acting wonky for me but if you do have access to a Canadian iTunes account, you can pick it up here.

It is expected to launch for iOS and Android platforms later this year.

Game Description

Unite rangers, zords, weapons and villains from all 22 epic seasons of Power Rangers!

Power Rangers: UNITE is the official collectible card game of the Power Rangers!

An all-new story brings together Power Rangers from all seasons, fighting to save Earth from the villain NeroDark. Only teamwork, loyalty and friendship can with this battle!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Battle – Challenge your friends online or play an exciting single-player campaign.

Collect – Unlock and collect over 250 different cards – Rangers, Zords, Weapons, Abilities and more!

Strategize – Simple to pick up and play for all ages and deeply rewarding for super-fans, with multiple card types and endless strategy.

Action-packed Campaign – Use your card deck to battle in an explosive single-player campaign. Defeat villains, save citizens and win valuable rewards.

Spanning 22 seasons, including the latest Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers: UNITE will continue to expand by introducing new cards and new epic battles to the single-player story.

Rangers, UNITE!

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