PlayStation VR Price And Release Date Announced

Straight from GDC.

It’s the moment a lot of VR enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Sony have officially announced PlayStation VR, weighing in at $399 / £349 and due to be released in October this year. There IS a catch however. The Headset will require the PlayStation Camera which adds an extra $60 / £40 before you can actually begin experiencing VR on the console.

There have been mixed reactions, with some praising the price point as a complete undercut toward Oculus and HTC’s Vive, and others have criticized the “Sold Separately” nature of the tracking hardware.  Rumors have started circulating that Sony will release a “Complete” VR bundle in the U.S which includes all of the gear ready to go out of the box however, this is still pure speculation.

In the UK, the high street chain “Game” are offering a PS4 bundle with the PlayStation Camera, as well as pre-orders for the HMD separately.

The main thing to remember here is that this is VR, on a console. Sony themselves have said it does not match up to the likes of high end PC hardware, nevertheless, Sony have sold over 35 Million consoles. The door to mainstream VR is already in peoples homes, and Sony are now giving people the key to unlock their vision of the next step in gaming.

A list of developers on board with PlayStation VR can be found Here, and an expanding list of confirmed games can be located on the PS:VR Reddit Here.

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