Orange Pixel Releases Teaser of ‘Ashworld’, an Open-World Post Apocalyptic Survival Game

Coming 2017

Orange Pixel, the makers of great indie games including Heroes of Loot and Gunslugs, have released a teaser trailer of their latest title Ashworld. It falls into a fast-paced action game with short game sessions in an open world concept. The game is based on two partners, Ragers and Skellies, who roam the lands of a post-apocalyptic world and will require your attacking capabilities to survive the chaos.

Check out the short trailer below, Orange Pixel have stated a 2017 launch and we’re hoping for this to hit the App Store and Google Play soon.


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  • Jerrr

    Trailer looks cool. Wonder how the gameplay will turn out

  • GorleyMag

    Not an instabuy, need more!