Oculus Rift Pre-Orders To Begin January 6th

Set your alarms!

The front page of the official Oculus website is now displaying what many people feel like they have waited a lifetime for.

“It’s happening! Pre-orders starts in 48 hours, shipping starts in Q1!” – @PalmerLuckey

The internet has since exploded with theories surrounding price, hardware requirements and what Oculus will reveal next during CES 2016.

Some still remain skeptical. Some are calling the news ludicrous, due to the deafening silence regarding an official price with expectations for consumers to just jump right in. What we do know however is that it is going to cost more than the $350 development kits with a fully VR capable setup setting consumers back $1,500.

NVIDIA, a leader in GPU technology has recently announced its new “GTX Geoforce VR Ready PC” program, hours after it’s warnings surrounding the small number of PC’s that will actually be capable of running VR.

A lot of news is expected to resonate from CES 2016 regarding Oculus, on top of this came the announcement that Palmer Luckey himself will be conducting a Reddit AMA on the pre-order launch date.

Pre-Orders will start from 8AM Pacific Time and the AMA commencing at 6PM Pacific Time. You can find the Oculus Reddit Here.

We’ll be bringing you more news on Oculus as it happens.

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