‘Oceanhorn 2’ Will Be Coming to iOS and It Looks Amazing

A New Perspective

Over on the official Oceanhorn blog, the developers Cornfox & Bros. have confirmed an iOS release after much debate which will release alongside the PC and console versuib. The sequel has been under development with a first glimpse back in August of 2016. With much surprise, the successful title will a completely new form in the sequel, with a new player perspective in a third-person camera angle. The first Oceanhorn launched as a mobile game, and since then has garnered over 1 million copies sold across all platforms at a premium priced game.

The screenshots released are stunning, with an evolved take on the series and truly reaching new heights on the mobile platform. This adventure game has been deemed as the Zelda for mobile which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The indie studio has certainly brought forth an unforgettable experience for years to come with their Oceanhorn franchise. In Oceanhorn 2, players will experience an action RPG filled with battles, bosses, and puzzles as you explore the vast world of Arcadia.

Using the Unreal Engine 4 as opposed to their proprietary game engine, the gameplay shots show beautiful details that look as if it was being played on the latest PC/console device. With more progress, we simply can’t wait to get our hands on Oceanhorn 2.  

A set release date has yet to be confirmed but you can follow their progress. Although the iOS platform has been confirmed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Android version after seeing the uptake in the sequel.

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