Now Available: This Week’s New iPhone and iPad Games

DC Legends, Bloons, Asphalt, and More!

Welcome to yet another round up of new iOS games that just hit the App Store. This week includes some of the well known game publishers over the years including Warner Bros, Gameloft, and 1Button. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced racer or looking to settle in on a new puzzler, there’s plenty to sift through.

Here are the notable mobile games that have released for iOS.

Asphalt Xtreme

App Store: Download it Here

Break through to uncharted territory with Asphalt Xtreme! Rip around dunes, charge through canyons, drift across the mud and fly past your opponents to reach the finish line!

Bloons Supermonkey 2

App Store: Download it Here

Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes and patterns are invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stop them! Equip dozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seen Super Monkeys, and use dozens of screen-clearing powerups to pop every bloon and achieve a perfect diamond ranking.

DC Legends

App Store: Download it Here

Set against the backdrop DC Comics’ famed story arcs, DC Comics Legends is a Strategy RPG where you collect dozens of DC Comics heroes and villains, assemble them into superteams, and lead them into battle against undead superheroes.


App Store: Download it Here

Oh no… The mice stole all the stars :’(
Only a cat can infiltrate their dungeons to get them back!
Help Nekosan and his friends to run, slide, wall jump, and fly through dozens of devilish levels. And all of this with one finger!

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

App Store: Download it Here

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a beautiful, thoughtful tile-placement game set in imperial China based upon the best-selling and award-winning board game.

Cue [D]

App Store: Download it Here

A game based on Cue Sports, where you have to strike all the lights and then pot the ball in the hole.

ZenDots 2

App Store: Download it Here

Swipe anywhere on the screen to propel the white dot through each of the 48 handcrafted levels. Knock over blocks, pop dots, and collect rings to complete each level’s mission. Only then will the exit be revealed. Dash to the finish to get the fastest time!

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