Now Available: Dashy Crashy Turbo

Turbo Time!

Dumpling Deisgn have today released the free sequel-upgrade for Dashy Crashy.

What’s New in Version 2.0

BIG CHANGES – welcome to Dashy Crashy TURBO!
• Every car now has different ACTIONS, PERKS or SCORING MODES – try them all!
• NO MORE AD INTERRUPTIONS: you can now try ANY car by choosing to watch an ad in the garage.
• 25 new cars: 20 Legendary, 1 Learner, 4 ???
• Cars now unlock by driving & clearing goals (instead of getting rank scores)
• Ranking is replaced by Medals – can you get the Gold for each car?
• Get Achievements to level up your Drivers License
• New ways to score. Hint: try hitting cones?
• Tons of new Events & Themes.
• Visual and Gameplay improvements
• Now supports Landscape orientation (mode)
• Now on Apple TV
• iCloud Saves with iOS – tvOS cross-play
• Available Worldwide in 12 Languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic)

Requested changes & fixes:
• Listen to your own music – Audio and Display settings added to the garage
• Adjusted gameplay balance: ‘spill’ cars no longer K.O., you can boost to outrun incoming cars…
• Pause added
• Fixed save system
• Tons of bug fixes, optimisation and menu tweaks

Check out our Preview and download the game now for free on the AppStore and Google Play.

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