Nexon’s Debut Trailer of an Interesting Mobile PvP Titled ‘Project MNP’

Based on Mobile RPG Pocket MapleStory

Nexon’s mobile RPG, Pocket MapleStory, picked up a lot of steam last year. They have recently unveiled the cape over a new strategy PvP game titled Project MNP. This new world comes with colorful and playful worlds where you unleash characters in a lane-based attack.

It appears to use card-based strategy gameplay, similar to that of Clash Royale. The secret sauce is being able to attack and defend you base simultaneously by strategically selecting the right character to take on a lane.

Project MNP still has a lot of details missing at this point, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Thus far, the trailer is localized for Korea, but we can hope for a Western launch to follow.

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