[Updated] Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2017

Exciting Titles to Look Out for in the New Year


Mobile games will continue to evolve in 2017. From the stellar year of massive hits such as Clash Royale and Pokemon GO, we’re excited to see what else is in store for the new year.

Here is an updated list of new mobile games to keep a look out for in the year 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for the official release.

Oceanhorn 2

Platform: iOS

The official sequel to the Oceanhorn series was announced in August of 2016. Although progress has been made with recent screenshots of the game, it is uncertain the exact release date for this title. But based on the screenshots and leveraging Unreal Engine 4, this game simply looks epic. With a fully console-like game coming to mobile, this could definitely set the stage for more titles of this nature to arrive to mobile.

Noblemen 1896

Platform: iOS and Android


Foursaken Media recently showed some screenshots of their latest title, Noblemen 1896. The team of four brothers make stellar mobile games that combine strategy, RPG, and great mobile graphics. Noblemen 1896 looks to add onto their evolution as game developers with their upcoming 3rd person, cover-based shooter.

Iron Marines

Platform: iOS and Android

Ironhide Games has a big following for their tower-defense game Kingdom Rush. After a successfully series and another on the way, Ironhide has spun off a new series title Iron Marines. Taking some of the formulas from their previous titles, Iron Marines is a real-time strategy based in a sci-fi setting. You will be tasked with different objectives such as guarding your base against alien enemies or rescuing members with your troops. Iron Marines will be making its way to mobile this year.

Where Cards Fall

Platform: iOS and Android

The teaser trailer is just that…a tease of something that will grace the gaming scene in 2017. But with the work of Snowman (Alto’s Adventure) in collaboration with Game Band, we can expect something special and especially beautiful. Where Cards Fall has a tagline of “a dreamlike journey through youthful uncertainty” and the teaser holds similarities of a Lara Croft GO or Monument Valley-esque arrangement with rich and lively environments.

Antioch: Scarlet Bay

Platform: iOS and Android (March 2017)

One of our favorite creators, Mi-Clos Studio will be making a big impact in 2017. Antitoch: Scarlet Bay is one of their highly anticipated games which is a multiplayer interactive fiction as you work together as two detectives to solve a crime. The trailer alone should get you fired up.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – The Telltale Series

Platform: iOS and Android

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag band of heroes, and take the pilot’s seat in directing their escapades around the universe. We are always honored to be working with the best creative partners and storytellers in entertainment, and working with Marvel on this series leaves us excited to share what we’ve been developing when it premieres in 2017

Skate City

Platform: iOS and Android

The makers of Alto’s Adventure will have a busy 2017 with another recent announcement. Skate City is a dynamic, 2D boarding experience similar to that of OlliOlli. The beats along with the vibrant city environments, you will skate you way and perform tricks. Check out their Instagram for more gameplay previews.

Framed 2

Platform: iOS and Android (Early 2017)

If you have yet to pick up the award-winning puzzler Loveshack Entertainment, well, you’re missing out. The comic-strip puzzler has players piecing together patterns that will help you navigate the story and get away freely. As you manipulate the environments, you’ll learn from your failures and use logic for your success. FRAMED 2 was announced earlier this year and will see an early 2017 launch.

Alto’s Odyssey

Platform: iOS and Android

One of the most beloved mobile games, Alto’s Adventure, will be getting an official sequel for 2017. The beautiful, dynamic snowboarding game won the hearts of many through its breathtaking and vibrant environments, challenging gameplay, and soothing music. The charm mixed with quality gameplay has brought Alto’s Adventure to the forefront as one of the top mobile games to exist. Recently announced was an official sequel titled Alto’s Odyssey.


Platform: iOS and Android

Guildlings is a fantasy adventure game slated for mobile in the new year. It is described as a world of wizards and wifi, this is the first game of the newly formed studio by Asher Vollmer (creator of Threes!) and a talented team of creators. As we take in the beautiful artwork throughout the year, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the release.

Battleheart 2

Platform: iOS and Android

Mika Mobile’s Battleheart Legacy won many accomplishments in the App Store and Google play, with an overall positive response and has been listed one of the best RPGs for mobile. However, it wasn’t quite the sequel to the original Battleheart as the mechanics and gameplay were fundamentally different.  Battleheart 2 will be cross-platform and will include a multiplayer element. You can learn more about the updates from their official blog.


Platform: iOS and Android

Abi is a story-driven adventure game, surrounding a small robot – reminiscent of Pixar’s Wall-E character. Abi lived among humans until humanity disappeared during their pursuit of immortality. Abi is a puzzler as you explore environments and manipulate objects during your quest for answers. See more about the game here.

The Walking Dead: March to War

Platform: iOS and Android (Early 2017)

An all new game based on The Walking Dead will swarm iOS and Android devices in the new year. The creators are Disruptor Beam, with a strong track record of titles including Star Trek Timelines and Game of Thrones Ascent. The game is a story-based multiplayer strategy game where players will work together or fight in a game of survival.

Final Fantasy XI Reboot

Platform: iOS and Android

Square Enix continues to carry their Final Fantasy franchise over to mobile. The reboot for FF XI is expected to arrive in 2017 through their partnership with Nexon. The game itself is said to be free-to-play and will be online, but through the early screenshots we did see some promising action coming forth our way.

Vast Survival

Platform: iOS and Android

Currently in its alpha state, Vast Survival is an interesting mass survival game that truly puts you in the heart of survival mode. When Maurice wrote about the game, I was intrigued to dive deeper in the progress and saw plenty of opportunities in this ambitious title. Learn more about the game here.

Megan Man & Monster Hunter

Platform: iOS and Android

From an earnings report, SEGA announced plans to release a number of games on mobile for 2017. Leveraging their key franchises including Mega Man and Monster Hunter, we can expect to see new games hit the App Store and Google Play in the coming year.

Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem

All eyes are on Nintendo, as they’ve made huge strides for the mobile platform with Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run. A new game for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem have been delayed for 2017, which we’re crossing our fingers for. We’re expected to see up to five new mobile games from Nintendo in 2017.

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  • Penalt Pepe

    I’m glad to see you included Final Fantasy XI. While it’s not proof it’s still in the works, I was starting to get worried since the only information I could find on it was from almost a year ago and it said the release was supposed to be in 2016.

    Here’s to hoping there will be more information in the near future.