Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2016

New Year, New Games

In 2015, a copious amount of inventive experiences for mobile have graced the App Store and Google Play. As device hardware continues to advance, mobile games are becoming more immersive with improved graphics and processing capabilities. We saw many high-quality MOBAs, classic ports, and net new experiences. In 2016, we hope to see more of this trend and evolution continue.

Here is a list of the most anticipated mobile games of 2016 for iPhone, iPad, and Android as they begin rolling out this January.

Pokémon GO

Platform: iOS & Android

Gamers have longed for a Gameboy Pokémon title to show up on their mobile device. Unfortunately, this won’t happen anytime soon but a brand new experience announced as Pokémon GO has potential to become the next best thing. In Pokémon GO, players will catch, trade, and battle Pokémon in the real world using augmented reality and location-based activity via a new game developed by Niantic Labs.

Telltale Batman

Platform: iOS & Android

New developments by Telltale Games are always exciting and for a valid reason, they make amazing cinematic gaming experiences. The interactive stories have connected well across different worlds including Minecraft, Borderlands, and The Walking Dead. The surprise announcement of Telltale Batman will bring plenty of excitement as you explore the world of Bruce Wayan and his alter ego, Batman. Expect a dark story and encounters with the best villains of DC Comics, a must play experience in the new year. Also, I will add that Marvel and Telltale will also be arriving but in 2017.

FNAF World

Platform: iOS & Android

Scott Cawthon always has an interesting spin on promoting the Five Nights At Freddy’s project. After four installments of the survival horror game, FNAF World takes on a more lighthearted approach that strays away from the “edge of your seat” scares. It is a colorful RPG experience with turn-based battles including all the characters from the entire series. It’s nice to see something new, but many are still left wondering how this will pan out.


Platform: iOS & Android

J.J Abrahams (Star Wars & Bad Robot) is collaborating with ChAIR (Infinity Blade) in a new mobile experience called SPYJINX. Built on Unreal Engine, SPYJINX is a game where players become the ultimate mastermind. In a world of hackers, thieves, and con artists, players will be tasked with forming a team in this spy fiction experience. This powerful partnership should leave for something innovative and exciting for mobile.

The Walking Dead: Michonne

Platform: iOS & Android (February 2016)

Telltale has more of their sleeve in the new year, with a standalone spinoff of The Walking Dead. In The Walking Dead: Michonne, a 3-chapter series will tell the untold story of Michonne based on comic issues #126 and #139. As she left her trusted group, you will unveil the reasons why she left to venture off on her own and learn why she returned to Rick, Ezekiel and the others.


Platform: iOS & Android (January 2016)

Crashlands is an indie game of crafting, building, complete quests, and battling as you have crashlanded on Woanope and play as a galactic delivery truck driver. This ambitious game has you managing inventory, as it mixes in gameplay elements from some of the most popular games with inspirations noted from Minecraft, Pokemon, and even Ridiculous Fishing. There will be a lot to do and explore with over 60 hours of gameplay. I really can’t wait to get my hands on Crashlands. 

Iron Marines

Platform: iOS & Android (Mid-2016)

The makers of Kingdom Rush have revealed a new game after three successful installments of their tower defense. Taking some of its core elements from KR, Iron Marines is a real-time strategy game in a sci-fi setting. This new title will include heroes, plenty of action, and a bit of humor. We should hear more about Iron Marines in the new year, but so far we have a teaser image here.

Albion Online

Platform: iOS & Android

Albion Online is a cross-platform medieval MMO, currently in closed beta and expected to launch in the new year. Albion Online is a massive game with PvP, PVE, and GVG action, as well as farming and house building. With it’s interesting premise and mixture of gameplay styles, Albion Online has the potential to attract a larger audience on its official launch.

MARVEL Avengers Academy

Platform: iOS & Android

Marvel is teaming up with TinyCo for a game based the much younger versions of your favorite Marvel characters. Marvel Avengers Academy is a casual game based on the early years of the Superheroes and Villains. As students of the Avengers Academy, you will be complete a series of missions (ones that a teen will experience) while customizing the Marvel campus and interacting with the likes of Iron Man, The Hulk, Loki, and others.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Disney is known for their out-of-this-world resorts and attractions. Building your own Magic Kingdom will soon be possible as Disney announced Disney Magic Kingdoms for smartphone and tablets expected to arrive in the new year. Fans can interact with iconic characters, complete quests to save the park from evil villains, and build up their own attraction.


Platform: iOS & Android

Durango is based on a world of dinosaurs and humans, who coexist in this surivival MMORPG. Players will hunt, build, and develop their tribes in this open-world game. Durango was teased a couple years ago, but is starting to resurface with new information and screenshots of this interesting new game with stunning visuals.

twofold inc.

Platform: iOS & Android (January 2016)

From the makers of award-winning strategy game Rymdkapsel, is a brand new puzzle game arriving in the new year titled twofold inc. Don’t let the simplicity and minimalistic appearance fool you, as the indie team knows how to make a quality game. In twofold inc., players will scroll through the playfield to unravel tiles and make a path to clear the way.

60 Seconds

Platform: iOS & Android

Robot Gentlemen released their dark comedy adventure game earlier this year on Steam. A mobile version is confirmed, where this comedic survival game has you scrounging the household for resources and managing your family in a fallout shelter. Check out the gameplay, and you’ll be intrigued.

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Platform: iOS & Android

This martial arts RPG is a mobile version of the popular PC MMO. Built from the ground up, Snail Games will bring the Age of Wushu world onto a smaller screen as you battle as one of the flying assassins. With a Diablo-like gameplay, you’ll be slashing your way in PvP combat and guild wars.

Yesterday Origins

Platform: iOS & Android

With only a few visuals as reference, Pendulo Studios dark thriller adventure game Yesterday, will be seeing its pseudo-sequel in the new year. Yesterday Origins will include 3D visuals but will maintain its cartoon graphic touch from the original.


Platform: iOS & Android

From the makers of Deemo (Rayark), VOEZ is a new music rhythm game with a more upbeat tempo beats. If you’re into Asian culture, VOEZ will include plenty of unique tunes across several genres. You may not know the words to every song, but you’ll definitely get into the rhythm.

Soul of Eden

Platform: iOS & Android

Not much has been revealed by Rayark’s Soul of Eden, except for a rad teaser trailer and a few character images. We’ll have to learn more, but it appears to be a deeper strategy game.


Platform: iOS & Android

Sdorica is a beautiful fantasy 2D game, teased by Rayark. This teaser trailer has me the most excited as it displays truly wonderful scenery and design in a fantastical world. It’s best to just see for yourself, as the seconds of potential gameplay appear to be a platformer but at this point, that is just an assumption.

Age of Empires: World Domination

Platform: iOS & Android

 Age of Empires is Microsoft’s real-time strategy game that first launched on PC back in 1997. Since then, a number of spin-offs have released across platforms and now we’ll see another version set for mobile. Age of Empires: World Domination focuses on full-scale battles as you select one of eight civilizations and command your armies and heroes. The game is a free-to-play and it is currently soft-launched. Expect it to arrive early 2016.

Titanfall Mobile Game

Platform: iOS & Android

Details are bare at the moment, but Titanfall will come in some sorts to mobile courtesy of Nexon and Respawn Entertainment. The games will likely be free-to-play spin-offs but hey, anything Titanfall related is worth keeping a close eye on.


There are plenty of more games to look forward to and I’m sure there will be more surprises in the new year.

If there was a game not listed here, let us know in the comment section below.

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