MADFINGER Games Launch ‘Monzo VR’ for Gear VR

Craft and Explore in Zen Like Environments

MADFINGER Games typically known for their mobile zombie shooters, have explored the new world of virtual reality. Their first project is called Monzo VR, now available in the Oculus store for Gear VR and Rift.

In Monzo VR, you are in a zen-like environments such as a temple or in the outdoors while crafting all sorts of modelling kits from cars to historical figures. The game comes with soothing background music.

Each project inserts a level a detail with plenty of customizations available for each project. This makes each project as accurate as real life where you’re in full control and crafting a project of your desires.

Check out a gameplay trailer below.

Oculus Rift:


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  • Sky

    i can’t download it. Can you fix that link ???

    • John Kim

      They took it down unfortunately. It’s due now on January 14th!

  • Jerrr

    Boourns, gotta wait now :(