MADFINGER Games have Announced ‘Shadowgun Legends’, More Details to Come

Taking Aim
MADFINGER Games have announced the third instalment of the Shadowgun series and is labelled as their biggest game yet. Known of their console quality, first-person shooting demonstrated in subsequent titles including Dead Trigger and UNKILLED, it was really Shadowgun which brought MADFINGER Games to the forefront.
Shadowgun Legends is a sci-fi, first-person shooter with online action. We can expect improved graphics, more action, and plenty of features. More details will be revealed at Gamescom later this week.
The year is 2380. Humanity is on the brink of a grandt new era. With Earth having been stripped of its natural resources, Toltech Enterprises and the other huge corporations have been funding colonization efforts across the galaxy. Many worlds have already been conquered and settled, the indigenous races subdued, and the new colonies established. Resources are now plentiful. With no rivals to threaten them, humans are free to flourish and expand. 
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    Brilliant! I can’t wait.