‘Land of Heroes’ is a Superhero-Themed MOBA for Mobile

Save the world in a team environment

A good quality MOBA is a rare commodity on mobile devices. The ones that stand out are Vainglory and Call of Champions, both seem to adjust to new audiences and tactical online gameplay. Yet, it still feels as if MOBAs are trying to find their place on mobile devices as the selection needs some beefing up.

Land of Heroes looks promising however. This superhero-themed MOBA includes both 3v3 online battles and a PvE mode to tackle an assortment of mutant monsters, adding a nice mixture of gameplay options rather than the standard tower-destroying attack.

Currently in initial beta, Land of Heroes include a wide array of heroes to battle with and features plenty of upgrades and levelling up with in-depth RPG elements. If you’re an Android owner, you can test out the initial beta here.

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  • Nitro

    Very cool…. Reminds me of a really gorgeous triple triad. Any scheduled release date?

  • JimmySundance