Ittle Dew 2: No Mobile Release?

Ludosity partners with Nicalis for release of Ittle Dew 2, but no mention of iOS or Android release.

“Ittle Dew” was a Legend of Zelda inspired RPG puzzler released in October 2013. The sequel to this quirky adventure puzzler will once more center around the adventures of the quick-witted Ittle and her fairy weasel friend Tippsie. So far this title promises to deliver more of the adventures and puzzles that its predecessor was so well known for. Improved character controls and combat have been mentioned, but we do not know as of this writing if that will be for mobile platforms.

Ludosity announced their partnership with Nicalis (best known for “Cave Story”) in publishing “Ittle Dew 2” this summer. So far it has been announced for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, but mobile game lovers may recall the experience fondly on their iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone: “Ittle Dew” was full of zany characters, magic items, and intricate dungeons. Ludosity announces that the experience will be released this summer and will offer characters and environments rendered in true 3D, bigger dungeons, improved combat, and more weapons.

Fans that played it on the Wii U or on mobile, however, may or may not be out of luck, as there has yet to be any announcement on whether or not a mobile experience will be offered. I have reached out to inquire if there are any plans to bring the unique title to Android and iOS, and will update if Ludosity responds. Nicalis does not have a history of publishing mobile games, so it might even be safe to infer that the sequel will not be coming to mobile after all.

Many other great puzzle RPG’s have done well on iOS and Android platforms; hopefully “Ittle Dew 2” will be among mobile RPG lovers’ future collections.

Check out the trailer for the sequel here:

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