‘Island Delta’ Hits the App Store, a Futuristic Action-Puzzle Adventure

Navigate and Blast

We were excited to first learn about Island Delta over on the Mantisbite development blog. The game showed promising graphics, environmental layouts, and puzzle elements. The complete package is finally here, bringing a full fledged action-puzzle-adventure game with plenty of character and storyline to experience.

The game is published by Noodlecake Games. In a top-down, third-person game – players will be placed in the shoes of Zoe or Baxter who are on a mission to beat the evil Doctor Gunderson and his minions. You’ll hack the security systems, navigate tricky puzzles, and take out enemies using your anti-gravity gun.

There is plenty of content with 30 levels, hidden areas, and a complete storyline with the use of humor and plot twists. Check it out in the App Store for $2.99.

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