Ironhide Games Announce a New ‘Kingdom Rush’ Game Is In the Works

The Best Tower Defense is Making a Comeback!

The Kingdom Rush series have seen three quality instalments for the mobile platform. According to their blog, there will be a fourth coming although the details of the game are currently thin. Ironhide Games has turned this franchise into one of the top tower defense games to date as you ward of waves of enemies with the use of building towers in strategic locations along the map and navigating your hero. The active nature of the game which requires quick action and attacks, makes this tower defense different than most – as opposed to sitting back and watching the towers do all the work.

We’re excited to hear about this announcement and are itching to find out more.

Apart from this, their latest game Iron Marines is still making its way as it recently went into beta. Ironhide Games will be making its presence felt this year, which we’re extremely excited about! Learn more about the game here.

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